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A Comprehensive Approach

I have held a position as a debt collector and HR positions with Department of Defense contractors. I currently facilitate a credit literacy workshop that will help you understand the basics of credit. Credit is essential to financial stability and your way of living. Unfortunately, it’s easy to hurt your credit score. Something as simple as being late on a loan payment can do serious damage to your score. As a Credit Repair Specialist, I will continue to fight for you as well as teach you financial & credit literacy.
Taking new clients in Texas, Alabama, and Michigan! Check out my books and ebooks on credit repair.


My Services

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Credit Consultation

We work together to understand your goals and your needs.

Don't Need Full-Service Credit Repair?

Get A Customized Credit Repair Letter

Credit repair can be overwhelming. Everyone's credit situation is different. There is no "one size fits all" letter!! I can help with you with creating a customized letter. This includes one-on-one consultation, letter creation, and sharing best credit repair knowledge on how to approach your situation. I create customized letter for errors, inaccuracies, disputes, validation request, verification, and goodwill letters. Your account can be with the original creditor,  in collections, or charged off. $50 per letter, 2 letters max. If you need more than 2 letters, please sign up for my full-service credit repair services. USPS mail letter service is an additional $10 charge.
*No active bankruptcies* Terms and conditions apply.

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What are the best ways to improve your Credit Score?

I will tell you in about 2 minutes the most important ways to improve your FICO credit score. Listen to these 3 best ways!!


Take Charge of Your Credit

Do It Yourself Step-by-Step Guide

Start Taking Charge of Your Credit

I wrote this book to continually share the knowledge I possess to influence financial stability. I was once a debt collector for one of the top collection agencies. I facilitate an ongoing credit literacy workshop for teens and young adults. Also, I worked in Human Resources for a top department of defense contractors doing hiring, offers, and onboarding. I have seen people get their offers rescinded due to their credit issues. I am also a Credit Repair Consultant.
My credit was not always good or perfect, life situations happen. When I was in my early adulthood of 18 years old, I sabatoged 3 credit cards. I didn't know enough about credit at all! As a previous, divorcee, I was left with some debt that I had to handle.
I encourage you to TAKE CHARGE of your credit with these basic and easy to understand steps.

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