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Charlise Rice Books & Merch

You can check out my self-published books, handmade jewelry, designs, and other offerings at Charlise Rice Books and Merch is a subsidary of Lise's Business Enterprise.

Pray Through The Pain Weekly Prayer Journal. Professional Resource Consultant

Pray Through The Pain: Weekly Prayer Journal

Latest Book Release! Read and reflect on God's word to pray through the pain. In this journal are 52 Biblical scriptures that you can focus on weekly. These scriptures will help you process emotions of frustration, anxiety, disappointments, setbacks, stress, worries, or fears. Writing is a good way to process and regulate your emotions Overcome them by finding your peace and building your strength in God with the power of His word. Charlise shares some of her testimony and journey through coping with her troubles and life's experiences. These scriptures will help you get through because you are strong and built to last.

Take Pain and Walk Collection on Poems. Professional Resource Consultant

Take Pain and Walk: Collection of Poems

Available in Paperback and Hardcover! Hardcover hardback includes six additional poems not included in the paperback version and an expert from Take Pain and Walk: Stories I Never Told short stories and poems.

Backorder is available.

Charlise’s collection of poems is parted into four sections, exhibiting her intimate walk with life. Her poetry embarks on a journey through love & pain and focuses on healing & prayer. This is a poetic therapy configured during the release of her emotions. “We all go through ups and downs, good and bad, which always test our faith in God, and through it all, we must remember that we are human, and we will make mistakes throughout our individual adventures of life."-Charlise

Take Charge of Your Credit Package. Professional Resource Consultant

Take Charge of Your Credit

Purchase the book, workbook, or as a package!

Take CHARGE of your credit with basic and easy-to-understand steps. Credit is essential to financial stability and your way of living. Even some jobs require a personal credit check. If you have a poor credit history, you may not qualify for certain positions, and an apartment lease application can be denied or require you to pay a higher security deposit and pay higher interest rates on loans.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to hurt your credit score. Something as simple as being late on a loan payment can do serious damage to your score. If your actions have lowered your score, you’re not alone. Millions of people have experienced the same thing. This guide will help you create discipline and ideas to change your behavior.

Charlise Rice Books and Merch online store. Professional Resource Consultant


Explore my online store to find a range of products, including my books, motivational shirts, ceramic mugs, and custom handmade jewelry. You can also purchase an eGift card. Browse my collection and shop online today!

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