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The Path to Success

I have been in the nonprofit industry for over 10 years and earned my Master's Degree in Nonprofit Leadership Management. If you or your team is thinking about starting a nonprofit and need direction, I can provide my expertise. Get the information you need for project consultation or 1:1 with a few questions. Receive consultation and earn a lifetime mentor. Let's empower each other. Click the Get Started button to complete the consultation form and schedule your appointment today!

Nonprofit Tips and Resources

Are you interested in learning and gaining insight into the best ways to tackle some of your challenges? I provide news, tips, and resources for all of my clients - take a look below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Nonprofit Knowledge Tips!

Nonprofit Record Keeping


Grant Ready Nonprofit Professional Resource Consultant

Grant Ready Checklist


I put together a list of common information grantors request on their applications with explanations. Download your FREE Grant Ready Checklist.

Professional Resource Consultant Nonprofit ready

Nonprofit Business Binder Checklist


This is a list of documents that you should always keep within your reach. Download your FREE Nonprofit Business Binder Checklist now!

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