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The Path to Success

I have been in the nonprofit industry for over 10 years and earned my Master's Degree in Nonprofit Leadership Management. If you or your team is thinking about starting a nonprofit and need direction, I can provide my expertise. Get the information you need for project consultation or 1:1 with a few questions. Receive consultation and earn a lifetime mentor. Let's empower each other. Click the Get Started button to complete the consultation form and schedule your appointment today!

Start-Up Nonprofits: Services

Nonprofit Tips and Resources

Are you interested in learning and gaining insight into the best ways to tackle some of your challenges? I provide news, tips, and resources for all of my clients - take a look below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Nonprofit Knowledge Tips!

Nonprofit Business Plan

Nonprofit Record Keeping

Start-Up Nonprofits: Resources and Tips


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Grant Ready Checklist


I put together a list of common information grantors request on their applications with explanations. Download your FREE Grant Ready Checklist.

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Nonprofit Business Binder Checklist


This is a list of documents that you should always keep within your reach. Download your FREE Nonprofit Business Binder Checklist now!

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Start-Up Nonprofits: Product Gallery
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